May at Drizzly Grizzly

Opening – Ulica Elektryków
Date: May 10-11
Description: We will start May with the grand opening of Electricians Street, where for two days you will be able to experience a unique event organized by the local community of artists and creators. Plenty of live music, exhibitions, and food trucks are planned. Don’t miss the start of summer in a creative atmosphere!

EABS concert
Date: May 16
Description: The group EABS, known for its innovative approach to jazz, will come to Drizzly Grizzly to present its latest album “Reflections of Purple Sun.” This is not just a concert, it’s a musical journey that blends tradition and modernity. Come and immerse yourself in the modern sounds of jazz inspired by the work of Tomasz Stanko.

Piernikowski concert
Date: May 25
Description: Piernikowski, known for his energetic performances and unique style, will perform at Drizzly Grizzly presenting material from his latest album “Beyond Echo of Time.” His music is an exploration of new sounds and rhythms, and each concert is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Tickets are still on sale!