On November 17th at Drizzly Grizzly in Gdańsk, and on November 21st at Hype Park in Kraków, the metal scene will gain a new dimension thanks to the German band Kanonenfieber. Emerging seemingly from nowhere, this group has earned recognition on the international metal stage with their unique approach to music, combining melodic black/death metal with historical narratives.


Kanonenfieber, known for its passion for historical storytelling, particularly themes related to World War I, transforms historical lessons into intense musical experiences. Their latest EP, “U-Bootsmann,” is just the latest example of their ability to merge the raw energy of metal with deep narrative layers.


The band has gained recognition not only for the authenticity and originality of their sound but also for their spectacular live performances full of theatrical effects. Their concerts, enhanced with special effects such as fiery cannons, create an unforgettable spectacle that every fan of heavy sounds should experience firsthand.


Tickets for the upcoming concerts are now available and can be purchased via www.knockoutmusicstore.pl. Join us for a musical journey through time, which not only reminds us of the tragic events of history but also allows us to experience them anew in a completely different, musical dimension. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Kanonenfieber live!

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116 days until the event


Drizzly Grizzly